Micro tragedy

In that day’s midnight I had to weave a poem around the spider that had fallen on my body and would crawl to a silky promise of my new clothes. I would scrub the crawly thing off and would watch it crawl on floor. But in my poem I cannot spider-weave a tale about the spider’s instant […]


Back home our pony-tailed girls hopscotched four chalk squares. God, how pony tails ding-donged!  May(a) I imagine you one of them. I wait for dusk to hide your black. Odd to see a black face in browns. Now old girls play ,bald and ribald. Like you they feel they have won. The others think they […]

Mosquito song

During the day the insects keep coming in from the sun. In the evening they come from the earth, fully donning their silken wings. Their cousins are our dear old mosquitoes sleeping on the trees in the day.They are waiting for the night to open in our silky mosquito nets with tiny holes like stars. […]

A town of cats

Tengo got down at the rail station of a town of cats. There was something secretive about the way the cats went about in the town, thanks to the rubber  pads they had in their paws. Like them Tengo’s father was a cat with rubber feet and he made no noise when Tengo’s  mother allowed […]


A word that comes defines expectancy -an idea in underbrush, expectantly hid in its growth like plastic shining in color ,a plastic waiting to be picked up by kid.This plastic color came by itself into bush and underbrush, mere word under brush like a bird sitting on bush expecting to fly its body waiting to […]

The grass walk

In the grass walk I trampled on my laughing friends but they got up laughing all the time. The trees were friends whom I failed to accost but then I would walk between two trees every time in my “8” walk and would some times gently tap on their barks in a most friendly touching […]