The wall

The wall is to the street of midnight,a bit of the night, a tiny world, a dog with a nightly bark in liquid throat.It is to scraps of men, to birds in sleep on the distance of branches, their chicks warm to the twigs, feathers in making. The wall is a vague obstacle to the […]

The dog of small things

The saree rags are torn to further shreds ,like enemy country’s flags. The sun was a round bright light in the sky till a while ago but not hot yet. A spring breeze blew on the stillness of the road. There was no dog today, the famished one. The one with its ribs sticking out. The dog […]

Afternoon nap

The afternoon sun was yellow and bright but the sky had bales of white cotton clouds stacked one upon the other.The eyes were heavy with sleep amid intermittent sounds of women’s laughter from the street and metallic crow-caws. In our childhood nap the eyes were heavy with sleep amid rhythmic sounds of pounding of rice […]

Pretending thoughts

Here, off the stage, the Blue Roses calls out, her glass recently broken. There was nothing blue about her or roses, just pleurosis, wrongly spoken You know she is expecting her gentleman caller the warehouse prince. Her brother calls his mother a witch who is rising on a broomstick .You know, she does not like […]

Morning images

There the parijat flowers lie on the earth ,their faces in the dust, feet to the sky. Somebody’s cut flower creeper fills the air with previous night’s fragrance. On the hills ,from a balcony ,a dark woman looks down as if expecting the milkman. There a man is up in arms against the sun. A […]

Alive and blinking

When you wake up in the morning you reiterate your existence saying aloud “Alive and kicking!” .When you are old you say “alive and kicking (against the sleeping quilt)”.In the morning walk you are blinded by the brilliant morning sun in the tall grass waving in the breeze .You say “alive and blinking”. The grass […]


Everything is such a fake here including all things I have said and what I may say at the end. I do not know what to say next. I am just faking it for the real as the original vanishes in the sky. It is such fake overarching sky ,fake like your Gucci handbag. It […]

The silver mountain

The silver mountain had disclosed answers to a meditating saint in deep recess ,now sky blue with priests interceding for us on behalf of a phallic stone god. Then were no blue – red painted pillars enclosing people bathing phallus gods with smooth gluey banana milk paste, just a saint and his God in banyan […]

Elephant God

The children’s elephant god has a stomach he pats lovingly and the moon laughs at his too much sweet eating in a sky. They don’t forget to make his clay rat. Grownups have 52 feet elephant god with a ball of sweet in higher hands so when they will drown him in lake they auction […]

Dog and woman

When lying down near your old friend you are such a Bengali sweet and softy in upper palate as you close your eyes. As they do , boy and girl on a chocolate , in t.v. advertisement, gooey and goofy. You are not dog to fish for compliment. They make jokes of your seeming lying […]