A town of cats

Tengo got down at the rail station of a town of cats. There was something secretive about the way the cats went about in the town, thanks to the rubber  pads they had in their paws. Like them Tengo’s father was a cat with rubber feet and he made no noise when Tengo’s  mother allowed her lover to suck her breasts.  A brief moment that was the only picture of  his mother in Tengo’s mind. Was that sucker his biological father?

When asked Tengo’s father said somebody had to fill the vacuum. When she would go away with the lover, he had to embrace the vacuum.

Vacuums are created by suction. And filled by creating new vacuums. Tengo has to embrace his own vacuum created after the truth of his birth is realized.

( Reading Haruki Murakami’s short story entitled “Town of Cats” )


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