The grass walk

In the grass walk I trampled on my laughing friends but they got up laughing all the time. The trees were friends whom I failed to accost but then I would walk between two trees every time in my “8” walk and would some times gently tap on their barks in a most friendly touching manner. I did not fail to notice the first laburnums of this season on my tree. Back in Bhopal I had made a poor joke of two doggies lying under the tree without noticing new laburnums of the season ( a nice photograph it was!). They were here alright into a small bunch against the blue of the sky.

Here  luckily I have noticed them. The bare armed man on the green bench would make nostril noises but not notice them. Or may be ,he did when he raised his arms and had done with the nostrils.

In my *8* walk, I would some times pass the neem tree by ,without its being seen on this side of the wall. I did not fail today to turn up my nostrils enough each time I would pass that corner. I caught its new fragrance flaunted on its powdery flowers. The very flowers that would turn bitter-sweet fruits three months later. Among birds only parrots savor the fruit for all its bitterness with an underlying sweetness. They have a sub-text with sweet agenda for pollinating bees.


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