Lunar stories

The world is not that crummy, says our auntie poet. She does not know where she got the information but she has just a feeling it is like this. Old man Seneca would console mom in a similar way when he was exiled. Seneca said these things happened all the time.But world is not all that crummy.

Hardly old man invested his enthusiasm in darker things of life .His stories handled tiny morsels of happiness as episodes in a general drama of pain. Sorry about the way we are piling metaphor upon metaphor .These things happen all the time, all the space .Metaphors occur in episodes .We all have these episodes. Especially when there is full moon and the sea is far away .

Poet auntie

Poet auntie asks : I am nobody ,who are you ? She is highly hiphenated but she is suggesting to you that may be you are also a nobody. You may ask a frog in the bog the same question and get a croak in reply.

Poet auntie is not dark within her hiphens. She has no complaints about the world .The world may not be all that crummy according to her.

We have found out that we are a nobody too.

Gorgeous things

Poet auntie, who asked if you were a nobody like her ,wrote her gorgeous things on the envelope’s backs .Since she was a nobody she wrote no letters to nobody, who would reply nothing and there were only the envelopes to write hiphenated poems on.

She asked me with a hiphen- I am a nobody and you? I was glad to join her. Since I am nobody too,I keep asking the wall lizard if it likes to join the nobodys’ union. Kitta ,Kitta ,says the lizard loudly.


Poet auntie is highly hiphenated and she said she was a nobody, like a frog in a bog. We are not highly hiphenated .We are a nobody too. Rather we are dilapidated.

We do not have envelopes to write on. You cannot write hiphenated poems on the sides of emails. But we can sneak in some difficult poems in the sides of Websites through snide ads. And when someone clicks you get money .


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