There was an inconsequential flick I had been to . There was an inconsequential journey on way to the movie and the final journey written in large red letters on the death van which had two journeying feet that would move together ,the way they were bound together .It is an old man , said our driver.

The final journeys by old feet are inconsequential . As inconsequential as old feet on way to a movie.

The death of a village doctor

The village doctor’s death is wholly inconsequential .We went to see him near the 240th pillar of a flyover. But that was entirely inconsequential .We saw him calmly sleeping in a glass casket . He might have thought our coming to see him in his death inconsequential .My living after him is merely inconsequential.But the fly on his body is just  consequent.

That he was a village doctor was inconsequential to  his body.


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