Concentric circles

The pacific storm is a story of animals and man ,their together on the sea, with a gust of wind in the aft, a fierce tiger prowling from Bengal ,a sailor dead, a zebra, a hyena for not laughing ,a boy on flotation to three gods for praying.

The pi has to live off sea air, its drinking water. The pi has no life, a variable radius with center drifting away in storm to carnivorous islands where algae throttles lives of God-seeker boys who live in concentric circles, widening circles, the last one of which they may not complete.

The pi has to circle around his God like a falcon or like the storm around a boat , its flotation . It is the story’s version that makes the difference .

(After viewing the film Life of Pi. -* Reference is to Rilke’s poem Widening Circles )


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