He is a jolly good fellow

He is a jolly good fellow, with a LL.B. He runs his legal business of arguing for others who are judged right or wrong depending upon his gab. Right can be wrong or vice-versa ,as words dripping from his gab.

He has a fine gab. His gab saves others from being judged wrong ,if they are right .There is an egghead of a man who does this judging .Egghead is a comedy guy who hides below chairs.

There are cops who kill the wrong guy for a few pieces of silver. They let the wrong guy to be a saint of a wrong religion.

He is a jolly fellow with the gab .He is the right guy for righting the wrong.

(A Bollywood movie entitled Jolly LL.B, we went to yesterday.)

Jolly LL.B 

This one is not the same Jolly ,whose conscience got the better of him in the earlier movie Jolly LLB.

This one is Jolly 2 with a clean conscience. The egghead is the same but he did not hide below chairs then.


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