Selling a world

We are in this fresh round of selling. We are in the business of selling empty spaces. Our penthouses are illegally hung and are available at half price.

We assure our children that only 50% of the world is terrible. By a conservative estimate. But it is still good bones. The bones go quickly dry and soon enough they are dirt in our garden.

Stetson who was with us in Mylae is waiting for the corpses to sprout. He assures they will bloom this year.

Who is Stetson

Who is Stetson ,you may ask. He was the man who was in the habit of planting corpses for them to sprout. He was in Mylae with us. We ask him if the corpses are now blooming this year.

They are good bones.With some luck he may get them to bloom this year.


Every morning we too use rhetoric to sell the world to our children .The world we say is still good bones . 50 percent is terrible by a conservative estimate but it is still good bones.

We are in the business of selling hung spaces .We sell pent houses the municipal guys shut their eyes to. You will get them at 50 percent price. The world is only 50 percent terrible, you see.

Municipal eyes

In the world the municipal guys are good fellas. They shut their eyes to all hung spaces.Only 50 percent of the world is hung precariously. You have to just shut your eyes to it. The world is good bones ,by and large .

Stetson’s flowers

You ask if Stetson flowers have since appeared. We are digging to find  out what happened to the corpses he had planted in last year’s garden. When we find them we will let you know.

In the meantime ,returning from the hyacinth garden your eyes failed and I could not speak.Mary,Mary ,hold on tight the archduke said.

Sosostris madam is teaching maths despite a severe cold.

April is not the cruelest

We say all months are cruel but only 50 percent of them sprout corpses .We remember to ask Stetson if they will bloom this year.

Selling T.S.Eliot

In this round of fresh selling ,good old Eliot may go. So we bring in Maggie Smith who it seems  is selling the world to her children. Good luck to Maggie Smith.

We are selling pent houses hung 50 percent of the time. The rest 50 percent they hang in space. That is why they are available for 50 percent price. They are so precariously hung, such beauties!


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