Serial reader

I am now a serial reader . Like a serial killer .I started killing Russian literature bite by bite , as they say . You cannot bite beyond what you can chew. So each issue is bite-sized and your smallness of mouth is taken into account deciding the bite-size.

Bite by bite,I look into the goings-on in the Idiot’s mind. The idiot has just reached General Epachin after an invigorating conversation with the servant in the ante-room.

He has just talked to the servant of the unjustness of a capital punishment for a murder . He talks animatedly of the new murder machine called guillotine in use in France.

The idiot has just a bundle by his side . Whatever he has brought from Switzerland . He is not ashamed of poverty.

I am now into the mind of Alyosha, the youngest of the Karamazov brothers. I take a small bite .

Later I get into the stupid bet taken by the lawyer with the rich business man. That was Chevkovs bite-size story. I am waiting for the lawyer to finish his imprisonment . He has just finished reading all the books . In between he weeps. He is now onto the reading of the New Testament . He would take a whole year to read it.I wait for the next bite.


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