Death is hilarious

 Poet Max Turbo before death is different .Excuse me, the auto correct has made him Turbo.I certainly did not mean Turbo, I meant Ritvo and I stand by it.

A little before death he was alive but not all that dead. He found death quite hilarious.He found the worms that eat you quite dumb.They were the ones you meant to use as bait to murder fish .Of course not if you are a vegetarian.But the worms eat vegetarians too. Hilarious, isn’t it? Quite ironic too .

What if you are cremated,you may ask. He has an answer for it too. You turn into a sackful of protein.And isn’t that ironic too?

Then you become skeleton with round emoty eyes .The auto correct has made it emoty.Skeketons have no emotions.I stick by my original word empty.

So when finally Ritvo left this world in August 2006, his departure might have been hilarious ? I don’t agree .Death is no funny business.It imposes an endless silence on the world. That is quite ironic on a noisy serious world.


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