In the kings palace is the man who plays his music by his mournful stringle . His bow on it is a triangle. He is the lonely single stringed man. The bow is such tautly strung. He sits on the graveled path in the palaces of the dead.

He makes a lonely music by it in the erstwhile king’s palace. The erstwhile king stays all the while in the cold house.

Still he is a lonely single stringed man playing by stringle for a single .

(Stringle is a single stringed musical instrument)

Umbrellas for the dead

In the Big garden lie so many umbrellas for the dead. The dead live under their stone umbrellas against a scorching desert sun.

The dead are royal and are nevertheless dead. The umbrellas are finely carved for them. And the sculptors are dead too. They do not live under umbrellas. In fact they do not live at all.


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