She was a blameless girl of the river away from the boat ,with a passenger pointing something some distance.It was not she who finger was pointing.

The strange girl had no shirt on her. She has been a stranger until today but she is a familiar figure in my vintage photo album.

There was another strange woman who squatted on river’s other side ,white -clothed and window- eyed and like a vintage grandma had been, an egg-head.

The girl and the woman both sides are strangers to me and each other but river in my album was their context what made them strangely familiar.

* The girl by the Narmada

One does not know how she had figured in my scheme of things.She was a shirtless girl on the Narmada who would come into my impromptu picture frame from nowhere.

Somewhere,in the same frame was this boat in the river with a passenger’s hand pointing something anonymously. The finger was not pointed at her.

But my camera brought the boat with the pointing fingers and the shirtless girl in one coexisting frame. It is I alone who is aware of their sharing the same space .I alone have the power to keep them in the same space for all time to come.


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