Everything depends on what angle


He was not like the others

Daedalus thought he was not like the others .Yet Dolan gave him a pandy-bat.He was angry with himself for not growing enough to know better.

But it did not matter to anybody whether he was not guilty . He was guilty enough to be caught without writing ,even though it was not his fault his glasses had broken.

Is it a right thing or wrong thing to kiss your mom good night ?The boys laughed at him for saying he kissed his mom good night.But they also laughed if he said he did not kiss his mom good night.They laughed because  he was not like the others.

Yes, he was not like the others .What is the right thing for others to do ? Would they put up their faces to their moms to kiss them good night or would they not? Somehow others do not have such moral dilemmas.

Why did they laugh? They did not laugh because he would kiss his mom good night or because he would not.They laughed at his saying that he did or he did not. They laughed at his trying to resolve a moral dilemma because it is such a funny thing to resolve moral dilemmas,with  such a straight face.


With a straight face

Daedalus had a straight face while replying if he would kiss his mom good night. If only he had said it with a glint in his eye! His face was as straight as could be when angled for mom’s kiss.With such a straight face the answers will be funny.Unless he makes it crooked enough not to sound too funny.

Everything depends on what angle .

(currently reading James Joyce’s Portrait of the Artist As a Young Man)


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