Free fall

From the blue – high sky  the letter “I” free-falls to its lower case and  is dancing in the air involuntarily. We are comings- together but only -goings . We are the leaf falling to the death of the year.We are an autumn and yellow.

We dance our I’ s all the way and through the mists of our yellow fruitfulness. Our letters have l’s in them, so many.Our falls are so smooth with two l’s unstuck .Our fall falls.

There is laughter all the way down.Our fall is laughter with the l’s lost on the way down .Our laughter is our fall , our yellow onliness.

Our I is  upper case “I” striving down to its lower case.But we are a free falling laughter.And all our yellowness dances it’s fall in early mists .


Under the greenneem tree

Here under the neem tree we await the free fall of  it’s yellow fruits.The fallen fruits are translucent white and their neem-bitterness is sweet  afterlife.Parrots die on their sweetness.

The fruit fallen to the ground are empty of sweet succulence.They are bird-dropped by the early night. They taste sweet and bitter to homing birds.


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