On the whole

In parts and on the whole, it is deeply intriguing. But  deep in the rabbit hole it is quite enlightening with all those books on the shelves of the hole.In the shelves is an orange marmalade jar .It seems someone has emptied it’s entire contents in an earlier fall. This discovery together with the caterpillar on her thoughtful pipe make the scene quite intriguing.

The Duchess, The Duchess, a white rabbit keeps saying .The queen of hearts would say off with her head. Off with everybody’s head, the girl may say in her dream. Who is the queen of hearts to pronounce capital judgement? Let her go back and be folded in her pack. It was the girl’s dream after all and she had the authority to pronounce electrifying judgement on everyone ,not for the rarest of the rare crimes,alone.

The hole thing is interesting .

(reading Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Caroll)


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