Not so much of a scene

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern appear from left. Not much of a scene ,this time around. The teleprompter is light and behind the curtains . Who is there, the prince of Denmark shouts and he stabs the curtains . There are more things in the world than what meets your eye.

Exeunt Polonius permanently, his advice sparsely taken. The old banker ignores his advice and he goes bankrupt. Borrowing has dulled the edge of everyone’s husbandry. Not so much of a scene.

Do not accost me in the open court,says the woman in the 70’s song from someone’s deep pocket. Please consider my modesty.Please do not make such a big scene.

It is not such a big scene if the lover accosts the beloved in the open court. It will be a big scene in the bed room or behind the curtains ,where old eves-droppers lurk.

Today there is prompter who is light and awake.
I think up a slightly larger scene off green room.

A world seems coming out in a few greenhorns
Who move eyes and bushy brows up and down.

I click tongue hard and give meaningless shrug
To keep the poem a lean ,mean and green scene.

(a movie metaphor “not so much scene”  is used frequently in daily conversation in my part of the world.)


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