Height is not the main thing about the mountains

Is height the main thing about the mountains? Or the slowly melting kindness of its snows?

In the mountains  you shall feel free with the eyes and your neck you can swivel enough to reach your eyes to the summit . Till your neck disappears and you are on your back where the welding seam between their tops and the sky is clearly visible.

The mule

The slowly melting snows of the mountains are kind . They are not arrogant about their height. We are 5000 ft above mean sea level. We crane our necks sufficiently to measure their heights above mean sea level. But not so much as to make our necks disappear and turn into backs.

The slow horse that is a cousin of our coastal donkey grazes in front of our holiday home. The mule is illegal bastard species, bred by man, mainly to carry his loads in the mountains. The mule puts it’s best hoof forward in snows mixed with its poop. When you are riding a horsemule ,it does not care how much it’s poop offends your coastal nose.

Mean Sea Level

Mean sea level is not all that mean. It only tells how high the mountain is. Mountains do not know their height and can be needlessly puffed up about their height.

We are the coastal guys and back home our villagers have never seen snow in the hills. My driver here says he has never seen the sea in all his life. He is a hilly man, the silly fellow. You guys do not know the sea and we do not know your snow hills.

We are the plains people . In the hills we feel quite free with our necks which we crane high to catch a glimpse of the peak. So high we fall to our backs and miss to spot the precise joint welding between the mountain and the sky.

Back home,once we found ,from a hilltop ,that the sea welded with the sky so seamlessly that we would not know where the sea ended and the sky began .


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