“The main thing about the mountains was their height. They were so high that they really did seem to join on to the sky; if you looked at them you had to tip your head back and back until your neck ached; then you were obliged to lie down so that your eyes might go travelling up to the final snow-crowned summits which were like needles among the clouds.” The Mysterious barricades by Joan Aiken
(quote from the blog Lithub)

And as you raise your eyes to it you will reach their summits till  you will fall on your back when your neck disappears and becomes your back . You reach them to the point where they will join up with the sky.

Join up? May be , welded together. Then your eyes will be blinded by the brilliant sparks the sun the welder makes and you cannot determine where the seam occurs.

Is height the main thing about the mountains? Or the slowly melting kindness of its snows?

In the mountains  you feel free with the eyes and the neck you can swivel enough to reach your eyes to the summit . Till you are on your back where the welding seam between their tops and the sky is clearly visible.


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