Drunk watchmen,coconut beheaders

On my walk back I saw a brown snake child crawling on the road .Apparently it has lost its home. Some walking feet will kill it or someones fear of snakes.

We are occupied by drunk watchmen these days . Our own man is seldom in his wits. The fellow from the opposite apartment drinks too but not in the day . Does he watch? No. In the daytime he works as a beheader of coconuts.

He is not an ISIS man. For RS 300 a day he works with a coconut seller. All through the day , when a customer comes, he beheads coconuts and gives him the coconut to drink from.

Where do I get such cruel terms from? I heard the word used by a neighbor . How can we behead a coconut ? Yes .We can. If we imagine a coconut as a man and it’s top portion as his head. But the sound of the word indicates the degree of quickness of a knife’s fall, the kind of skill all coconut sellers exhibit in our streets.


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