I am on the green bench , before a morning walk or during. Like the software guys on the bench in between projects .There is no woman on the neighbor bench with green thoughts. Footprints are still there in the slush before.

There are all sorts of walls, including those that are painted with social reformers pictures with ghoulish eyes. No music of the seventies is walking on pockets. Now woman comes . Her presence in the bench leaves after a short while.

This morning we thought of soandso, who is myself, starting from the cloth cradle. That was when the wall around myself was the cloth cradle swinging to the wall and there was no sky-wall. Then myself took hold of the wall to ambulate to the bigger wall when the sky was the biggest of the walls .That was in addition to the horizontal walls built by myself and other selves all around myself.

Now myself is horizontal to the wall. And a white wall is my horizon.


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