Green bench

One thought green benches were for all time. Dark poet says they too have legs that will turn blue and thin and they  too will sink in and in.

No problem because the beings that will sit on them are upper air. Beings will sink in and in till they are upper air .

The garden seat will see red flowers turn black at night but there will be new suns to turn them red .Upper air beings are so light and airy they can sit on them in large numbers all night.

All night when red flowers are black
And they of an upper air sit on them,
Green bench  legs turn blue and thin
As they keep sinking in and in.

The man with a skullcap and his wife
The woman who made nostril noises
The poet who wrote his parchi prose-
They all keep sinking in and in.

All night reds and greens will be black.
Green bench legs will be blue and thin
Sinking in and in , till all are upper air
And red flowers  gray and thin.


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