Marveling at her coyness

The song in the seventies man’s pocket went like this : my king of kings in the garden , my prince of dreams etc. The seventies man has come all the way riding   on round 2 on a song in his pocket.

This  morning we had come upon a certain Mrs. Porter and a Mr. Sweeny who  would come riding on motors and horns. He might have been Actaeon  who came upon a bathing Diana in the woods. Mrs. Porter had her foot in a soda water fountain and Sweeny would one day come though he was not Actaeon nor  Mrs Porter a Diana.

On curved flexible necks we look back
To find  Mr. Sweeny near a Mrs.Porter
Of classical fame ,bather in the woods
Now with foot in  soda water fountain.

On our flexible curved neck we are fluid
In  our past histories and current affairs.
Quite collapsible in all affairs and views,
We have no backs for a  winged chariot.

But at everyone’s back there is a wicked chariot. Not much purpose would be served to stay coy. How everyone Marvels at her coyness!


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