Draupadi’s moons

This morning we searched for the moon in our balcony and got Draupadi’s five moons. Those were very words that would surface from the vast inner spaces of our nightly existence. Now from the green bench we recall the five moons that occurred to Draupadi when her soft voice fell on a single hairy chest.

There were five separate moons in her five balconies ,each color coded for easy recognition when her soft voice falls on a hairy chest. She would lean on them by turns with the warm heaviness of her breasts . When her own moon is in its red phase , she would flit from balcony to balcony for the color coded moons.

Our women luckily have the same moon in all the balconies.

(Draupadi is the beautiful princess won by handsome Arjuna (one of the Pandava princes) in an archery skill test .She had to marry all the five Pandavas in deference to his mother’s wishes- Mahabharata)


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