The accident of birth

A cloudy morning. A bald man was heard chanting mantras under his cold  breath in the neighbor bench. I see he has now  finished his prayers and left.

Morning was about a fatal accident. Like the ORR * accidents where a  drunk steel meets a sleeping road median. A scholar boy who took his life by an electric fan called his birth a fatal accident.  He only wanted to see his stars from the center of  Sagan’s tiny dot. The stars  are themselves accidents, from being bits of hot air .

His death was an accident resulting from his birth. Birth is accident from lonely nights. A fatal accident because death is its direct outcome. Lonely nights are accidents by man and woman, who themselves are  born accidents .Like drunk  steel and sleeping road median.

Everything is so random. Why blame a midwife who is  just a proximate cause.

*Outer Ring Road in Hyderabad


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