Fish for thought

The  cement branches  in this park have the names of their donors painted in monstrous ,colourful letters. Excuse me ,madam ,I am sitting on your name.

This morning we had a  tremendous fish for thought. Elizabeth Bishop goes micro about fish she catches for an evening meal. Eye to eye ,fish and woman ,the victory goes to fish, who has large fish eyes. The boat has bilge that holds a grease rainbow .

All is colours like the park benches here. The fish is victorious in the sea .

* Sitting on a name

In the park with parrot green benches, I sit on someone’s name. The benches have the names of the donors on the benches. I mean no disrespect.

* Micro about a fish

Madam goes micro about a tremendous fish she catches from her  boat. A bloody fish with gills,barnacles ,fish eyes etc. In a war of eyes ,everything is so micro.

Elizabeth is Bishop in a macro way. She is Bishop not in the ecclesiastical way. She just carries Bishop name .Fish have no names but there are big fish,small fish. They are all tremendous. They put up a tough fight when you want to eat them.


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