The sun is up and beyond .I am sitting in a pool of bright yellow shine. The tree saree hardly waves, with not even a shred of its baby memory. A bird is shouting from a tree space but everything else is quiet on the ears. Just now a noise of film songs is sauntering in from a pant pocket.

This morning it was about famously. And fatuously ,by a cows behind. The flies are abuzz about cow tales. And when we lay on the straw mat we are horizontal . We see flowers famously at the feet as the flies abuzz.


*Not so famous goats

Do you know the city of Hyderabad is famous for its biryani. What meat, what rice ,topped by a tumbler of Irani tea!

The goats behind biryani are anonymous. Before they warm stomach they hang upside down in a butcher shop ,totally contented .Luckily they were not all that famous .

*An only goat

Kenny the child came looking for an only goat. But the white goat he met said an only goat was pretty lonely. Besides the white goat cannot tell funny stories.

Kenny did not come looking for any goat. So Kenny is turning back, an only boy of his mama.

(Kenny’s window : Maurice Sendak)


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