Some times we are just “benched”  like employees  in software firms ,in between orders. A green bench is for a review and the language of our thought.  We are awaiting chair.

Before the green bench is slush made by a long  snake of a garden hose. I dig my footprints in it.

In the midnight it was a neighbor’s invisible house crying to be recognized for its existence. Its existence is empty air and shadows of  its inmates’ shouts across the vastness of time.

Six months later it would be house again ,its history of men and their  empty air restored. During the interim it will be a ghost standing on  a sky-like emptiness.

The  house is just benched.

* Snakes and carrots

New experience standing in the market with the vendors shouts over your head along with evening mosquitoes .

The carrots are  restless in the jute bag. There are no takers. There are snake gourds in the neighbor jute bags . Some of them have their necks broken to keep them contained. For no fault of them. Where they were on the farm they were hanging free ,waving to a passing breeze.


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