Hoboson’s choice

A hobo is a timeless vagrant.

W.H.Davies was a hobo who could break away from hobohood to become a Doctor of Letters.

Dr.Hobo makes out a strong case for No Work.
(The Sleepers- A poem  by W.H.Davies)

You want to sleep peacefully under the subway, rain or shine with no watch to show office time?

Or you want to be a zombie commuter on way to work every morning before the cock crows?

Hoboson’s choice.
(By the way hobos have no sons)

Either way you are going to die long before your time.

But the former state allows you time to stand and stare.

The latter allows time to stand in the local train with your body parts mixed up with other similar body parts.


 Standing and staring
Sheep or cows can stand beneath the bough and stare as long they can.

(Leisure A poem by W.H.Davies)

When we pass the woods we cannot stand awhile to watch a squirrel hide its nut in grass. We have no time for a squirrel’s flippancy.

Does the squirrel have time to stare at a biped passing ,wearing dark goggles?

It would not know where the eyes were behind the glasses.No eye contact possible.


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