Black comedy

Soap opera!  Sister says of death. Her own.

Hey ho.

Kurt the moustache of W.W.2 is back into my mouth’s slurping.

Hey ho.

If my cateheter hurts less this time, I offer one kilo of swets to the fakir God. Says woman waiting to go upstairs.

Doctor says no space upstairs for the present. Soap opera !


I had put Kurt mustache to nap. I wanted for it a cat nap but as it turned out it was a ferocious jungle cat sleep. The jungle cat twirled its mustache threateningly.

Yesterday’s cat was in a cradle. Today it has grown to a big cat.

I now have a dozen of Kurt’s twirls. Right now, that is before the feral sleep,I am wading in Slapstick or Lonesome no more.

Kurt mishap
The idiot zygotic twin-egg pair ,who should have died long ago turn intelligent and polite. They have read all the books.

That is the mishap for which Dr.Mott is accountable .

But the cat is soon back on its soft foot.

Don’t you worry -the supernumerary nipple shall be hid from prying eyes.


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